Chris Dorian, Founder and CEO of  Builder’s E-Commerce, is ecstatic to announce that we have been chosen to take part in the case study conducted by “Universities Australia, The Startup Smarts: Universities And The Startup Economy.


What is Startup Smarts?

Universities Australia and Start Up Muster launched their joint project “Startup Smarts” on 1st of March 2017, during the National Press Club in Canberra.

According to Chief Executive of Universities Australia Belinda Robinson, universities perform an important part in the job sector.  The Startup Muster 2016 survey of startup founders finds that more than four in five Australian startup founders are university graduates.

Startups will contribute to more than $160 Billion to the economy and will provide more than half a million jobs towards the future, to make sure that future generations of entrepreneurs will be equipped with skills, training, enough support and sufficient time to nurture them.

Universities are the essential element in this bright part of our economy.  Founders among startup companies in Australia are reported to be University graduates.  They benefit from these programs from acceleration or incubation which are supported by Australian Universities.


So, How Did Builder’s E-Commerce Start?

The Case Study discussed how Chris Dorian’s ideal moment started in 2014. Chris had a simple idea to use a website as a tool to help clients continuously check if their plans are in compliance with local building regulations.  

Even his simplest ideas needed an advancement that required software development and the latest expertise in spatial science.

As a Civil Engineering graduate of Curtin University, he was eligible for the Curtin Incubate program (renamed to Accelerate for subsequent years). He presented his idea to Curtin University – was accepted and offered to kick-start a business through the accelerator program in collaboration with Google and the University of Sydney Union.

For twelve weeks, Chris was mentored and had the opportunity to get one-on-one time with the experts providing the support he needed. Chris was then able to launch,  currently being set through builders’ websites, which started a new name as Builder’s E-Commerce.

Chris’ commitment has gained him Award and a grant from Landgate that has helped him through capitalization to expand the business and acquire access to new data. His confidence and commitment will be a contribution to Australia’s future.