Our Team

Our team has a unique mix of  Engineers, Drafters, Computer Coders and even a Cartographer. We’ve put together the essentials team of technical abilities to carry out a project of this nature.  The team is focused on the Vision, Mission and Values we have chosen.

Chris Dorian
Founder of Builders E-Commerce

We built Builder’s E-Commerce because determining if you can build on your property should be easy.

A few years ago I looked into building an extension on my house and found that it was not easy, the information you needed was split between state and local governments, and even if you call them for help they may give you the conflicting information.


All information used to log on to the system will remain confidential and 100% safe. Information will be used only as reference to determine the interest of the person on a specific design and plan. It will remain in our database for the purpose of giving our system a signal to estimate a person’s level of interest towards a specific product.

Significantly Reduce Wasted Time

No more need for site measures or drafters to check if a design will fit. Using BuildersE-Commerce alongside a CRM system, you can automate the remarketing and email follow-up campaigns.


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